Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Robin Thicke and a story...

I need some fans or something. I mean really! How does a chick get some love on this site. I guess, I need to advertise. Come up with a whole marketing scheme, send out press releases, alert the news and paparazzi. I'm trying to blow up! But seriously though...I am going to see Robin Thicke tonite, too excited about that! *Chad, you're the best* I also want to see my West Indian boo. Ok, here's the deal with him. I met him online and I wasn't all that attracted to him, but he was such a sweetie in conversation that I didn't mind that he wasn't my idea of dreamy. So we decided to meet up for dinner and everything. I waited for him at West 4th in the rain for like 20 minutes until I had the bright idea of going into McDonald's to wait. There, I freshened up my eyeshadow, mascara and blush (the only makeup i wear). He called a few minutes after I got there and told me he was outside. Now...the body that I remember from the photos was nice. Very thick and muscular, an average muscular, not like body building champ or anything. So when I walked out and saw this skinny man in front of me, I did a double take...like...is that YOU? He noticed and quickly explained that he lost weight since those photos...10 pounds. Whatever! I thought to myself, you look skinny! lol After the initial hug (which he stomped on my foot) and exchanging of pleasantries, we walked on in search of a nice dinner spot. You know, women decide within the first 3 minutes whether or not they want to have sex with the person they meet. And I decided, no. I mean, its not a whore thing, its just attraction, maybe I should have said attraction instead of sex. Either way, I had decided that he was a no go lol. But the more I talked to him and got to know him better, I remembered that he and I shared great conversations online and he's a decent guy...however, there were things that upset me a bit about him. He had the tendency to be whiny, authoratative, (i know this messes up the parallelism...) and had low self esteem. Those things kinda turned me off, but I decided to go home with him anyways to watch a movie and you know...smoke. lol That's my thing and i enjoy it and he does it a lot, so i figured, oh well......To be continued....It's ROBIN THICKE time!!!

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