Friday, May 11, 2007

Temptation's Theory...

So I have been thinking lately about luring the opposite sex. And this is what I came up with. I have this vision of walking around with my head held high, putting on a show. Not so much LOOOOOK ATTT MEEEE, but more subtle...kinda I am. I am pretty, confident, sexy, flirty, and you want me, I know you do. If I have that in my head as I am just going along with my day to day, men will flock. Not only because of that but because of the spring being sprung and all. And who's to say that's what I flocking? lol I don't necessarily NEED it, but dating in the spring/summer is a beautiful thing. And dating in NYC in the spring/summer has to measure up to some level of fun. Although it hasn't been the best experience lately, it's definitely been an experience.

Ok, so this flouncing around is to be accompanied by a certain level of untouchable-ness. That aura will make the guys crazy. See, this is what I think. Most people want what they can't have. It's some type of unconcious, sometimes concious mental manifestation that people just can't figure out or care to. I have ALWAYS felt that way. I mean, I am a realist, and so that automatically assures that I KNOW when I want something I can't have, chances are I won't get it. The problem lies in people thinking they can get the thing that they want and can't have. As if them trying hard enough would change the outcome. Sometimes it might, other times...not so much.

But here's the thing. I will appear untouchable, peak interest, remain at a lower level of untouchable-ness so that they remain intrigued, then I've done it. Think about it, someone who would approach a virutally unapproachable girl is someone with qualities that I want in a man.He is obviously smart, confident, go-getter, unrelenting, aggressive...hmm, let't juse see how this all works out. :)

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Tonya said...

Girl, if you have just figured out the secret....we're gonna be rich!! Lets right a book!