Thursday, May 3, 2007

Robin who? and more tales

So whatever, didn't get to see Mr. Thicke because they were tripping too hard on the PR side of things. Saying if you didn't get the original email from people that you weren't getting in. I know I didn't get the original email, but I wasn't getting out of line. Netier was anyone else that was there. See, this is one thing that irks me about events in New York, well more than one thing. Lemme explain...The first thing is, people have way to much pride. 98% of that line didn't get the orginial email and they know they didn't but 0% of them got out of line. They knew what the rule was and they still stood there in line, like oh....I am on the ORIGINAL list. LMAO, yeah right, esp. when you are waiting in line. Real somebodies don't wait in line. They get out of SUV's. towncars, and such...and waltz right in.

People in NYC like to think that they are big shots, even when they aren't. I can't stand that. That's one reason I cannot be in the fashion or PR industry, because I am not that kinda person and I despise those people. My friend "John" is turning into one of those people. I am constantly dissapointed with his new views on life, love and everything else in between. I befriended this fellow in college, he was one of the most level headed people I knew. You could always count on him to be there for you and give you the most sensible advice, even when you didn't want to hear it. Lemme give you a bit of background on him. He moved up to NYC a sememester before me, or was it a year...either way, before me. I was still in school when he was up here pursuing fashion PR. Well, there was a time that he wasn't working. His temp stint was up after 3 months and no one said anything about hiring him and he was jobless. He somehow went extremely broke...I'm not too sure how that happened because he was still temping after that, but he was going THRU it, as far as finances were concerned and just used to call me all kinds of worried up about money, himself and what not. As a good friend, I was there to listen, to coach him thru it, offer my opinions, or to just get his mind off it. You would think we would be as tight as Pamela Anderson's bikini top, but...after I moved here and he found a permanent position, he was MIA for a hot minute and a half...

I can admit that I am not the best person when it comes to keeping in touch and what not, but I am not the worst, either. Either way, he would hardly contact me, and when he did it was on some oh I met another man, oh I met another man, and another and another...blah blah blah! And yes, this may sound like jealousy, but you should hear the tone and the crap he says when he talks about all these men. Like the other day, we were talking and he told me about the third Mr. Wonderful. This one has this and that and this car and is going to buy me this and that. Like, wow. He was NEVER that materialistic. Sure we used to laugh and joke about sugar daddies, but seriously, this guy ranked money higher than sincerity in his list of what he wants in a man. He has sooo changed. I joked about him changing when he first got the job and he was like, no, I won't. I will be the same old me. Well newsflash! You have turned into those same bitches you work with. Excuse But seriously, I have been too irritated with him lately. Chad suggests that I confront him on it, but I find confrontations scary and annoying and besides, nothing will changes, except nnow he would ill feelings toward me. Either way, enough about him. I have story to finish...about West Indian boo, lol.

So anyways, he smokes, I like that, so I went over. We started out watching a movie and smoking, slowly, he worked his way closer to me to makes his little moves on me. I appreciated that because not too many guys are gung ho about making the first move. So we kissed for a while...mind you....he had gotten MORE attractive to me because of his personality was growing on me. Either way, we were all cozy and what not and this man said something I have heard a few times before but never with this much urgency and wanting. He said, and I quote..."Can I PLEASE lick you..." *points to my vadge "right THERE." haha, I giggled a bit and said no....that's way to fast, blah blah blah, but by then my vadge started doing the talking..."girl shutup!!! YES, please lick me." That's what she said and that's what transpired. Now, I have had my fair share of sex on the first date, but I am growing tired of my whoreish ways. I want to DATE and not think about the sexual part of it until the time comes. I want my vadge to stop thinking like a man and just be a lady. I want to be demure. I want to be mysterious. I want to be hard to get. I need to learn to be that way. Someone teach me. Or something.

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Tonya said...

I'm sorry to hear that your friend is changing up on you. But thats life sometimes. You lose the fake ones, and hold on to the real ones. Anyway, I can't wait to get up to New York for a visit...even thought it seems slightly superficial.