Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This is why nice guys finish last....

....because they are just like assholes! Talk about your wolf in sheep's clothing.

Well, a while ago
Chad convinced me to put an ad up on craigslist underneath the personals. So...he hooked me up with a gmail account as well as the post itself. It was nice, sweet, and too the point. I did't want to deal with asses, men that played games, or men that thought with their peens. Well, I got sooooo many responses, it was nearly impossible to weed thru them all, so I pick and chose. Well with this one guy, I had decent conversation and he was well traveled, perceptive, observative, smart, funny....pretty much all the things I want...MINUS the looks. He was your average run of the mill DORK. lol So anways...after a few email exchanges, we exchanged numbers. I did't actually decide to hang out with him until yesterday. He sent me an email wonderinf if I was still alive and when I emailed him back, he invited me out for coffee.

Well I met up with him around 125th. It was nice, we walked around in the park, talked, ended up at a pastry shop, stopped, had some pastry and coffee and did a lot of talking. He was thoroughly enjoying himself...complimenting me on my maturity because he thought I was 24 with a 28 year old's maturity and was shocked when I informed him that I was 22.

He said something about having dinner plans with some friends but when we left, he wanted to show me more of soha (south of harlem) and so he did, we ended up walking around a bunch of places. He suggested we go to this ethiopian spot called Zoma's. So we walked on our merry way to the restuarant. It was TOO cute up in there. Very chic, quiet, nice art on the walls and very interesting food. I have never had Ethiopian food before, but I did make the comment, aren't they starving...hehe, i know, sooo wrong of me, but my humor is avante garde.

We ate there, talked, and he was like, do you want to get drinks or i can show you some photographs of
spain, slovenia, and some other places he's been...he's slovenian. I was like, yeah, lets see the photos. So he took me to his apt...omg, his apt has a restaurant on the top floor...just to let you know! I knew in the back of my mind that maybe I am giving him the wrong idea by coming back to his place, but I assumed a guy like him wouldn't know what to do with a girl coming back to his place. So I went. We drank a lil at his place...straight tequila, i only toook one shot, couldn't handle that! NOT after cinco de mayo with Chad.

The photos, omg, were amazing...his stories were amazing, we just talked, he got reallll touchy feely and started rubbing my shoulders, then my back, then he tried to take my bra off lmaooo i was over it. We had JUST finished talking about dating and how guys are in such a rush to get into girls pants and how i want to date around and try different guys that i havent been interested in. This NERD was trying to take off my bra, kept kissing my neck and things and i was like im ready to go!

He said, well you have boundaries, i can respect that. Iwas like, can you?...because taking off my bra sure didnt confirm that! Well, ugh, I was over it and just not happy because it was like he wasn't listening to a word I was saying...muchless anything he was saying. He agreed with me wholeheartedly about dating, saying people don't spend enough time getting to know each other before they jump in the sack...and I said yeah they rush to get between the sheets and miss out on everything between the inital meeting and getting to know each other....

Well, this just helps solidfy the fact that most men think with their peens and shouldn't be trusted...thanks.

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