Friday, May 25, 2007

Captiol Colombia?

Ok kids....its time for momma to head to DC for Memorial Weekend. I am TOO excited! I get to see my dear sweet ol' fooo'l Jose. It's gonna be like old times, but neither of us is broke like we used to be...barely able to rub two dimes together lmao! Ugh, so many jokes, ups, downs, laughter, tears, fights, just an all around wonderful relationship that we have shared. It's like a mini vacay! Can't wait!

Now...lemme spend some time telling you about my Colombian boo. His name is Juan and he is 39 and will be 40 on Sunday. Yes, I do realize that he COULD be my father, but that doesn't bother me and if it bothers you, then that's YOU. You don't have to live my life or deal with my decisions, right? Right.

So I met this man when I was visiting my sister in BK daily when I first moved here. I came to the train station, went downstairs and walked over to the chairs to have a seat and play SuDoku. He watched me from my last step on the stairs til I sat down. I was like he better be looking real hard!!! LOL I was really into my game and he says, "You like that game?" I told him I did and we started talking. I made sure to smile a lot, considering it's worth a million and all.

He got on the train with me when it came and continued talking to me. Asked me if I had a man and all, just small talk. I really enjoyed out short coversation. He had to get off the train after only a few stops and asked me for my number. I gladly gave it to him and as the door closed, us on either sides of it, we waved...he stared until he could no longer see me. It was all very sweet.

He called maybe 2 days later and we would talk every night until the wee hours of the morning. I REALLY liked this guy. He set up our first date on a Sunday. I was doing laundry and then decided to clean myself up and go see him. I met him at the train stop we first met at and we headed to Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was soooo cute in Park Slope. The air was nice, breezy, but I was nervous, so I was all sweaty lmaooo! When we got to the restuarant, I had to go to the bathroom and clean myself up.

We ordered, had great conversation, and dinner. After, we walked around and at one point, grabbed my arm, pulled me into him and we kissed. It wasn't your typical first kiss, it was very passionate, deep, like we've known each other forever. I was enamored! It got even better when he suggested that we walk around and have a few puffs. Oh man, I was thinking this dood is perfect!

We conversed while we walked and puffed. The date ended in my bedroom. We didn't do the sex, surprisingly because when I like you that much, you'll KNOW. If you catch my drift. LOL. Well we cuddled, kissed, and slept. It was nice...

But that is all we have been doing for the last 7 the sex. lmaooo But his sex is like NONE I have ever had. It is TRULY mind blowing and just all around phenomenal. I have never thought it would be like this, lol. He has taught me a lot sexually. I know thats not saying much, but I really enjoy learning ANYTHING from someone I am involved with. Well, anything beneficial.

We just have had our ups and downs...well the downs have mostly been in my mind. It's like I THINK we're together, because we are, just minus the title...and it causes me to have expectations...which in turn causes me to be frustrated when my expectactions aren't met. That's how it was happening for so long.

Finally I stopped having those expectations. I have been removing my feelings from this man because I know he doesnt want a relationship, even though thats what we have...It's just something about that title, I guess. I have detached my feelings and things are better. The sex is better than ever. However, I do believe that he may be starting to catch more feelings for me, as I'm a bit detached. I knew it would happen this way. It's kinda entertaining how that works.

I saw him last night and he was expressing his jealousy about me and anyone else when I mention it. He cannot stand hearing about other guys and I am pretty sure IF he didnt care about me, he wouldnt care about me talking about someone else. But since he does, he does care. And the fact that I can leave him in my bed with my roomie while I shower...makes me oh so happy. I just love it when my sig. other gets along with the people in my life. :) Oh well, its 1 pm and time for my vacay to begin <3>

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