Monday, April 30, 2007

A Black People Thing...

So...the time is...4:22p.m. For some, the workday is almost done, for some...beginning...and others...who knows what mindless activities they fill their days with. I'm just glad I get paid for mine. Speaking of getting paid...I quit my night and weekend job, so the impromptu shopping sprees are over. I was working that hard to save money for a place, but all I was doing with the extra money was shopping. That got me thinking. Is it a black people thing to not save for the future/even care about it? I mean, most of us spend our time buying things that don't matter. I think Nas talked about it in one song on Hip Hop is Dead. He said something like real millionaires spend 5 mil on paintings...or something like that. Think about it...clothes, cars, shoes, bling...this stuf DOESN'T matter. Think of all the clothes and shoes and bullshit that other SMARTER people pass up for things that matter in the end. Insurance plans, health, saving for a rainy day. I wish i knew more, but ummm, I'm one of those stupid people that spend they money on physical appearance. o_O hahaha, so I need to do you save for the future when the present takes so much? I mean, I like to spend money on silly things, shoes, clothes, sunglasses, handbags, etc...but I'm a bargain shopper, so where my money is going, I dunno. But it sure isn't into the savings account.

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