Monday, May 7, 2007

Sexxxx is overrated.

So much to blog about, so little time! AHHH! Well, let me start off by saying West Indie boo will be no longer mentioned in this blog heretofore (love using words like that). He is a freaking jerk!!! Ok, so here's the scoop.

I was in dire need of a Mary Jane re-up, so I called him Friday afternoon wondering if I could come over and make that happen. He was like, thats the only reason you want to come. I say, there any other reason. I like to press his buttons because he gets sooo whiny and chilkdlike, later I learned that pushing his buttons isn't that much fun.

Either way, he told me that he would have his daughter and I was like, well yeah, I can just come get what I need and bounce. But he was like, her mother is picking her up at a certain time, so why don't you come at that time and blah blah I was like, yeah just call. I was at a bar, got a call, and decided to head over. But he was like, don't get here til like 10:30. So I was like, fine...I am gonna stay over, just because I HATE my living situation and I never wanna be home. We had already decided that we were gonna do the FRIENDS thing, a grown ass man, I ASSUMED that he could handle himself as such.

Well, I go home to pack my overnight bag and shortly after, I head to BK. Well the whole way I am thinking...what kind of situation am I putting myself in. I am willingly staying over someone's house who has a kid, that COULD be there when I get there, making me feel uncomfortable and just...what am I doing? I know this guy sees me as more than a friend for whatever reason...I mean we argue constantly, yeah we hooked up, but that doesn't solidify anything, or does it? Either way, I need to put my foot down and know that I am there for friends Colombian boo is supposed to be getting together with me this weekend. (I will tell you all about Colombian boo in my next post.)

Well I arrive shortly after 11 and I call him to let him know I am walking up there, but I am stopping at the Chinese spot. This fool lost his job about 2 weeks ago and I know he doesn't have much money, so I offered to get him something and he wanted pork fried rice, that's it. (I mention this because it comes back up later lol.) So I get the food and am on my merry way. I get to his apt and he is looking so scraggly and I am automatically turned off. I mean..I know I said friends, but sheesh, you look a HOT mess. So I thought that was a positive, I mean...he didn't even TRY to look remotely cute for me. So I walk in, put my stuff down and he is like, yu wanna peek at my daughter, she's asleep. I give him a shocked look, since I arrived about 30 minutes AFTER he told me she'd be gone....I looked anyway...cute little girl...but who cares? I didn't. I am no one's mother. lol. So yeah, the mother came to get the little girl a few hours after I got there, close to 2 am. I didn't like how he spoke to the baby. She is 4 and it was 12 am and he yelled GET UPPPP when he stood her up in the hallway. That just rubbed me wrong.

Either way, I am a little irritated about that fact and so I just sit down on the couch, give him my money, so I can get my green and I eat my chinese. Mind you, he has a cat, and I don't do cats. The cat came all over next to me about to jump up, while I was eating. I jumped up and screamed at it to get away from me lmao and it did! Either way, I wasn't comfortable sitting near that thing, so I stood and waited for him to come back. While I waited, I just looked around. His apt is the definition of messy. Sometimes messes aren't THAT bad, like the mess in my room. But HIS mess was like a million times grosser than my roommates' and his is DISGUSTING. The kitchen had all types of dirty laundry piled up, the sludge and crust was everwhere. The fridge looked like it stopped working 2 days ago, but still had some cold in it. The living room had basics in it, couch, chair, aquarium (that had no life in it, but was still on and looking crusty), computer, workout machine of some sort, and entertainment center. Along with those things, there were clothes everywhere, speakers, wires, more clothes in the hallways, it was just terrible. Like Goodwill threw up all over the place.

Well, standing there grossed out, I was kinda ready to go, lol...But he came back in shortly and we sat and watched V is for Vendetta. I was super excited because I hadn't seen it and I wanted to. So he sat on his gym equipment like a retard and I was on the couch and we smoked. He is one of the talk during the movie people, but not about the movie. And I was getting too irritated. He was talking about his mouthguard and why he wears one and blah blah blah blah blah...who CARES?! I looked at him like, i'm trying to watch a movie here! And he stopped. Ok, so then I looked over at him because I heard him smacking LOUD. This negro is over there eating my rib tips and complaining about them. UGH, seems like everything he did was rubbing me the wrong way. After the movie, he put in another one, Smokin Aces...which I kept dozing in and out on.

During the course of the movie, I got up to wash my face, piercing, and do the rest of my night routine. While in there for barely 3 mintues, he comes in and turns on the shower water. I was like, ok whatever...then it gets all steamy in there. I'm like, couldn't you wait to do that after I get out, it's not going to take me long. He said something about my piercing not being that serious and all I need to do is put a little alcohol on it. I looked at him like he was stupid. FIRST of all, it's a facial piercing and it IS that serious. And with no piercing should you use alcohol. I was like you know what, shutup! Then as I was finishing up, he hopped in the shower. I was like, ugh...we're friends, friends don't get naked and hop in showers in fron of each other. So at that point, I knew he thought he was getting some. lol NOT!

So then after his shower and after I was done getting ready for the night, I was sitting on the couch, trying to finish up Smokin' Aces. I fell asleep and when I woke, he wasn't in the living room anymore, so I got up and checked his room, where he was lying on the bed with a freshly rolled blunt. I was getting ready to get in the bed and smoke with him, possibly talk until we both knocked out, but as soon as I walk in, this fool jumps up and goes into the living room. I am like...ooook, so I lay down and eventually pass's past 2 am at this point.

Well I wake up to him coming in the room...and there is sunlight. I roll over. This idiot jumps under the covers with me. I said...what the heck are you doing? He was like what and kept trying to touch and kiss me, I said STOP. And I rolled over and wrapped the covers around me. Ok, mind you the night before, I asked what time he wanted me to leave and he said whenever you want to. Ok, so after that lil him trying to be all up on me fiasco, he gets up and says, it's getting late, I need to pick up my kid. So i hop up, look at the time, its 6:30 in the morning!!! I am on FIRE. I put my clothes up, gather my things and then I say, do you want to come lock the door? He's like...what? I walked out, slammed the door and told myself NEVER to call this childish fool again! WHYYY couldn't he understnad that we were just doing the friends thing. Seriously. Sex is not that important that you should let it mess things up in your everyday life. Sex is just too overrated. What is the point of getting mad at someone that doesn't want to have sex with you? But just wants to be friends? Have sex with someone else if it's that important. I just don't understand men, so I will start attempting to.

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