Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Does that make me CRAAAAZYYY!? possibly.

So...I have been having all kinds of mental anguish/anxiety/attacks...oooh aliteration, how I adore thee...haha, but yeah, been feeling icky icky poo poo for a few weeks now and after diagnosing myself with mild depression, I have also decided to be my own therapist. Now, I know that sounds really...well...for lack of a better term, stupid, but personally I think I have the skills for it.

I am excellent with reason and therefore will be able to think up all angles of my problem. And no one knows your issues like you do, you know? No matter how much I reason with why I am doing what I am doing, it still sounds stupid. LOL. I will let you know how self therapy goes, though.

With that said, I have been meeting some decent guys, prolly because I have no interest in them whatsoever. It's weird. I think that might be part of my self diagnosed depression. I get hit on everyday. I have never missed a day, lol and nowadays, I hardly acknowledge it. I can say deep down, I still appreciate it, how I just igg them now and keep it moving. Like today, this guy came in to fix the toilet at my job and while he was waiting on the elevator, he was making small talk with me. (sidenote...the elevators at my job take FOREVER) The small talk progressively got more flirty. I was giggling in my head about how he was blantantly flirting, but I kept it simple and kept it platonic. He then tried once more on the elevator...when he said..."by the way, your eyebrows are PERFECT" hahaha, i laughed, the doors closed, and he was on his way.

I enjoy the fun of flirting. I think I enjoy the chase a lot more than the catch. That's an interesting theory, hmmm...i will think on that and prolly blog....chea.

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