Monday, June 11, 2007

The things I get myself into...

So, it is my belief that something is wrong with 90% of men. I realize that such a strong statement needs strong back up, so I will provide. Either I have something stamped on my forehead in day glo paint saying, "Please men screw me over. And over. And over. I like it like that" OOORRR something is wrong wtih me. But it's not the same consistent problem with men, it's sporadic events and issues. haha

The latest makes for an epic of a blog. So, after the Puerto Rican Festival, CT, JA, and I went to eat in Harlem @ Picante. CT and I have been there before and know how cheap they are, but how bad their service is, but its tolerable because of the cheap food. However, their food doesn't seem to have much taste, to me...besides the point.

So while there, they were making their plans for the evening. And they did NOT include me, so your girl had to find something to do. The mood I was in was telling me to find SOMEONE to do. I have one major booty call that I have had for some time now and that's Colombian, but he hasn't called since the last I guess slowly and surely he is exited stage right out of my life.

So I began making calls and realized that I don't have much of a little black book anymore. Am I becoming a committed type? Colombian has been my longest booty call and pretty much longest realtionship. So...I don't have many NY booty calls I can just ring up and go get. Not many of my booty calls ended well, come to think of it. They either wanted more and I didn't or wanted less whilst I wanted more.

So anyways...with that set up...I will move on to the story. After the dinner, we went our separate ways. I was trying to call my sister because he fiance's lil brother was having a birthday party and Trini's party HARD, so I was going to make my way there. However, I rode the 1 downtown a few stops and some young thangs I saw at the festival got on the train. Within minutes, homegirl across from me was vomiting what looked like red Kool-Aid all over the floor in front of her and I. I started to get up and get off the train, I didn't care what stop it was. Although it worked out in my favor because I was changing to the 2 at 72nd.

As soon as I stepped off the train, I looked around and bumped into this really cute light, light skinned, bald guy. He was like..."where you going pretty?" And I said "Brooklyn." He then proceeded to hit on me and sweet talk me into coming with him out of the station. He was like, "i know of a few chill spots out drink...smoke?" LOL Now you KNOW that got me excited. I leave with him, thinking...what the's a public open space, I will be fine.

I thought this fool was going to take me to a restaurant or bar or SOMETHING. We started out just walking anf talking. It was cool because he actually seemed intelligent. We then ended up @ some store, where he offered to buy me something to drink. Then we went across the street to another store for an adult beverage. Once we had that, I went outside and waited and I said something about smoking. He said I can get you something...but he couldn't smoke because of some law suit. Fishy, right? Either way, he made a call and we were on our way...walking again.

On the way, he saw his connect and we followed him to a construction site. The guy let us in and he told me to just stand there and wait, so I did. Feeling real Bonnie and Clyde. After what seemed like forever, we left. Walked again to the same store and by this time I am getting irritated. Mind you I met homeboy at 72nd and we were at 50 something and just going in circles. FINALLY we go to this "chill out spot" of his, which I think is going to be a park or something and it's an apartment building. However, he doesn't live there, his friend does and his friends isnt answering. I am like UGHHH.

We wait outside for a hot minute, then he calls a random person and is like, can you buzz me in, I left my key. The random person buzzes us in. We go up top, being real mission impossible and start drinking and talking. I roll up. The more beer he drank, the more preacher he got on me. He started talking about how he went to jail for someone in his class saying that he was going to emulate the VT shooting. That didn't make sense to me, but I was like OK. Half the time I wasn't listening anyway because I wanted to smoke. Other half of the time, I couldn't understand because he talked like a pimp LMAO.

Seriously. When we got outside, I figured he was nice and buzzed. We sat on the roof and that's when he said,"Gotta make your next move you best move."...the most pimpinest thing you can say!! LMAO I laughed so hard and wrote the down in my phone for blog purposes! He kept right on with the pimp lines, trying to get somewhere with me. You know how it is..."baby, why not just go with the flow..." If there WAS a flow to begin with, you wouldn't have to ask me to go with it. Then there was "Baby, I have been locked up for a little bit. Can't you just..." and I cut him off. What an ass!!!

So I tried to play it smart because he was starting to get physical with me, grabbing and what not. I didnt like that at all. So I looked up my directions on my phone and I said, lets go. On the way down the stairs he turned around and wouldnt let me pass and kept asking if I was attracted to him and how I felt about him and all this other nonsense. By this time I am irritated! I just wanna go home! I yelled and stepped past him. Of course he walked me to the train but kept right on begging. I was sooo done with this guy.

We get the train, get on it and he is still asking me why can't he come home with me. Why can't we just be adults about this....Like there was something to discuss. I got off @ Park Place, however, I have never had to walk out of the station, but I did this time partly because of my frame of mind. So I stood there, got my directions, but didn't know which way to walk. So I tried to hail a cab. Oooh yeah, best believe he got off when I did, like he was coming with me.

He said, hold on, lemme use the phone right quick. So I let him use the payphone and I promptly hailed a cab and sat @ the red light facing him. I crouched down so he couldnt see me and I was off! PS...I also gave him the incorrect phone number while we were on the train LOL. I crack myself up sometimes.

But honestly, I need to be careful of the situations I get myself into...NOT ALWAYS a GOOD LOOK. Makes for interesting stories though!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Girl! I feel you for wanting the exciting and random life...but this man sounded real crazy. Like he had some major issues that might require hospitilization! Maybe its because I'm on a college campus, but I don't play that VT stuff. If he start talking like that, then something is wrong. But yeah, you do have to be more careful.