Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day Two

Day 2...9/11-07

Interesting day to say the least. The 6th anniversary of 9/11. The day has a sad undertone. It was gloomy and a bit rainy. But, I tried to remain positive and no, not solely for the selfish reason of birthday madness, but for the reason of me being so down lately that I didn't want to be down for my birthday week, or anymore for that matter. Yeah I know, selfish in sheep's clothing.


So, that say, I wore grey jeans with a black tank top and blueish colored open shirt with a black patent trunk belt and black patent peep toes. I thought I looked cute. Good thing I dressed that ay because halfway thru the day, this girl Chad and I met at this event last year emailed us to a Marc Jacobs party.

I was tres excited because I knew it would be liquor galore. Now, the story I am about to tell you is not fake or make believe. It happened. I am copy pasting this from an instant message because frankly, I am far too lazy to type it all out again.

so yeah, the invite was saying come sober, leave on a heightened sense or whatever right. so we knew the bar would be on point usually at these events, the bar stays open for like an hour, but at this event, it was open all night. all top shelf vodka, gin and tequila, they had a shot guy on the side, giving out the strong ass shots with bread to chase and all kinds of beer and people handing out these fancy hors'devours.

so the bff and i stood for a while by the door where they were coming out with drinks already made on trays and snatching them up lol. we got DRUNK

well the party was in this nice ass loft in chelsea, you know right around 23rd. it was HUGE, and set up like an artist's work studio, paint was everywhere, evidence that the artist had just finished painting. kinda set up like urban outfitters, around where the shoes are, looked lived in. well the artist was displaying his new collection which was all about war and pop culture.

marc ecko was like the curator, so there are models everywhere, designers, movers and shakers in the fashion world. the best part, there was a paris and angelina jolie look alike there. and they were taking pics and up pops marc hoppin in pics with them. im over there laughing and he comes up to me, and says what the fuck is up with these look alikes.

i froze.

Then he told me the angelina one asked who he was and I was like WTFFF?! How do you know not Marc Ecko? He then he put his arm around me and we started laughing and joking about them. omg i was like is this for real. im laughing it up with marc ecko.

well there was this tshirt designer there who i absolutely adore his work, and i said hey i love your shirts. and he gave me a weird look. then later when marc came over to me again and was talking to me, of course he walks up (queen sheba-tshirt guy) iand is all hugged up with me and laughing and talking all bc marc and i were like buddy buddy

it was unbelieveable. i was mad at first, but i soaked it up, let qu een sheba think i was someone important. so after getting my drink on, officially hanging out with marc ecko, i decided to go. i went over to marc to tell him bye and congratulate him on fashion week and what not, and he looked at me, grabbed my face and was like, we totally vibed tonight. did you feel that? i was like yeahhh. :-) then he kissed me on the cheek and said, see you at the next one..

Jealous? yeah...I would be too. Day 2 ROCKED my socks. Woke up drunk this morning. Discombobulated. Sore back. Don't know where that came from, perhaps some drunken pose in my sleep.

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