Sunday, September 16, 2007

Day Five

Fridayyyy! 9/14-07

I decided to put together a white shirt and light blue jeans with a pink sweater and pink, grey and blue tie. I wore pink flats and pink gumball sized earrings. It was tres cute.

So work went surprisingly well considering the amount of drinks I'd had the night before. I came bright eyed and bushy tailed. And it just reminded how young I am that I can do that. Heh. Good feeling.

Well after work I made plans last minute with Katrina to get some juicy, dinner and Nuyorican for a Poetry Slam. We meet up in the Lower East Side, walk around for a bit until we see Benny's Burritos. The name is something hardly to call home for, but it smelled good and there was outside seating. So we went.

Serive was terrible, margaritas and salsa was watered down and the food was nothing to be desired. I wasted $22. I'm like whatever, let's get this juicy ;). So homeboy comes to where we are, but didn't tell us that he only did above 50. We send him on his way, just to think about it and call him back later. He obliges after some Katrina sweet talking. We just gotta meet him wayyy uptown by 77th and 1st. We take a cab. Get there in less than 10 minutes. Oh man, I never noticed how great cabs were in that respect. So we get it and it's great. Flew my kite and all. And we head to Nuyo. We're running late, so by the time we get there, it's PACKED.

We ended up sitting on the floor. The show was absolutely amazing. It must feel good to be a part of something so talented, so beautiful, so loving. I wished that for myself. These people are around my age, some older, and the way they write is seriously unmatched.

Katrina had me cracking up because we were both in pain on the floor and they kept bringing up more poets. She kept making lil joke comments about how someone said something about a break. LOL. It was so funny. Either way. I was more inspired than ever, bought a book, and went home. No before flying another kite though.

End of Day 5. What a feeling.

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