Friday, September 14, 2007

Day Four


I wore a black button up collared shirt with a lavendar tie and button earrings. I wore a pair of 7even jeans and black pointy toe flats. The day started pretty much like any other. I was excited because tonight, Benz would be joining in on the festivities.

After work, I headed over to Naked Lunch, the typical Thursday night destination with some coworkers. Let me tell you, they were lining up to buy me drinks. i coulnd't be happier. :) So after the 4th or 5th, I stopped counting and up pops Benz. Chad had been there at this point.

Usually we sit outside, shooting the breeze, eating and what not. But it got kinda chilly, so we stayed pretty much at the bar all night. Naked Lunch is pretty incognito, so there weren't many people there, mostly just Ogilvy.

Benz kept hitting on Galina all night. That didn't bother me, it was just that fact that Benz has to be interested in someone at every point of everyday and that irritates me. However, maybe I wanted him all to myself and that was what was irritating.

Well, after a series of vodka pineapples, shots and chicken, we were off to our next destination. Bar 13 for Pop Rocks. That's where Benz was throwing out $18 tips and repeating, "it's nothing!!!" So I tried calming him down by buying the next round and sitting him down. Then he announced that he was leaving. Italian girl. Hmph.

I walk him to the train and come back, finsih my drink, do the terrace appearance, and head to the usual suspect...Taco Bell. We get our food, but not before I hit on Issa, the cashier and Jake tries to hook us up. It doesn't work. I think we scared her.

Eat. Then home sweet bed. :) Great Day.

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