Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yes ladies and gentlemen. The day has arrived.

Let's not talk about my outfit because it was unworthy, ha.

Let's talk about how I got up at the crack of dawn to make it in to work. I stayed late and then had my dinner plans at Dip. Benz didn't come. I was so mad. But hey, I did get to spend time with him and he couldn't come because of work, so there was a good excuse.

At the last minute, I invited Ross. So it was just Chad, Ross and I. We had some great Greek fondue, drinks, and what have you. We shared decent conversations. Chad claims that it's always awkward around Ross. But things were cool.

Chad had to leave early, so Ross and I stayed, had another drink and walked and talked. It was nice to catch back up with him. He accepted a position as the fashion editor at some hip hop magazine and was telling me that he wanted to give me that position and work under me. I would really love for that to happen. But you know that feeling you get sometimes when you figure someone is just saying something because it sounds good instead of saying it and meaning it. Thats how I felt about him saying that to me.

Either way, it was a good birthday night.

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