Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day Six

Gotta love Saturday.

Oh man, was I excited to sleep in on this day. The week had me feeling weak, so I slept until 12 or so. Jumped out of bed because it was nice out. I thought it was going to be rainy and gross and it wasn't, so before the sky had a chance to turn black, I did my laundry. Ha, some birthday treat! But if I didn't do it that day, I'd never do it.

Laundry took a few hours. I managed to read ll the way thru the book of poetry I bought for myself the night prior. While at the laundromat, I noticed a lot more things than I usually notice. It was like my 3rd eye was open, lol! Well, I saw a man, writing poetry that I tried to read over his shoulder, but it didn't quite work. hmph. I wanted to know what he had to say.

Then there was a little Indian girl with her mother. She kept bothering her mother and her mother wasn't very attentive. So I guess that's why the little girl was being so worrysome. The girl took a hint, I guess, sat down and started playing "Smack That" on her mother's cell phone. Oh man, that was funny to me! A little Indian girl about 7 years or younger playing "Smack That". And jammin to it too!

So then when I got home, the laziness set in and plus I knew I had more juicy, so I kinda wanted to lay around all day and fly kites, if you catch my drift. So I made me some breakfast and chilled a bit, then when I was about to light it up, Chad called wanting to see a dance show. I did want to leave the house today, but I was just being lazy. By the time I looked up at the clock after getting off the phone, I noticed that it was 5pm.

The show started at 7:30 pm, so I had to be ready to leave the house by 6. I did a pretty good job of getting ready by 6:15, i thought (considering I did fly a kite a lil bit before I left). Dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, black pointy toe flats, yellow dress, black sweater, leopard belt, earrings, and scarf, I was ready to go. I invited Benz to come with and of course, he invited the Italian chick. Ugh. This is the chick he left me on Thursday night to go sleep with. I am noticing a recurring theme here. Someone likes the ladies a lil tooooo much.

Oh well. I am running late, so when I get to WTC, I call Benz to see where he is. I have 30 minutes to get there. I ask him to come get me, but he doesn't know how to get to WTC and says I can make it. So I hop on the train, just to ride it to 14th and get a cab from there. I finally hail a cab and traffic is a mess. I call Chad, he hasn't gone in yet, but you can tell he is losing his patience. Chad loves the dance. LOL.

So the cab gets me there with 3 minutes to spare before 7:30 and Benz is nowhere in sight. I call, and he says he is close. Chad and I go in, only to be told cash only. Chad had it, but I didn't so I leave to go across the street for cash. Meanwhile I look for Benz and I don't see him, so I call. He is inside. When I head down the stairs, I see him looking up at me and for a split second, I know I made him smile. He saw me and it was almost as if those beautiful green eyes sparkled for me.

Chad was already inside because he didn't want to miss a thing. Benz and I finally got in. I was happy because there I was with my Benzy and there was no Italian chick in sight. SCORE! We surprisingly found seats right behind Chad on this bench. I was happy that we got to sit together.

The show started with a bang. The very first one was great. It was a solo piece. Very moving. As the show continued, I continued to be unimpressed by some, but taken aback by many. There were some hugely talented dancers and some that were nothing to go gaga over. Benx kept texting most of the time and I was wondering why he was doing that. Turns out lil Miss Italian was on her way, but lost. Double Ugh!

He ended up getting up and using his phone while the show was on, but whilst we waited on another performance to start. Then he went out and used his phone. She is on her way, I thought. Great. After a while, he comes back in, with her. I could care less about her at this point, turn around to see him wave. I thought he was waving goodbye and I got mad and turned around. Then I gave him a lil wave.

I was being a hater. I regular Ducky. You see, Ducky is his best friend and she loves him more than friends. You can tell. But obv. he doesn't want Ducky or me for that matter because he knows he could easily have us, but he hasn't tried.

Dah well. So yes I was hating. I didn't look at her, but I invited her to come sit down. At this point I was indeed looking at her. She assured that she was fine and she didn't want to walk all in front of everyone. Ugh, whatever. Benz sat down and this silly ass chick stood in the back for the rest of the performance.

We ended up making plans to go drink A Blockhead's. We sat outside once we got there, ordered drinks and waited on Jake. She was being like a child with him. "I think you should give me a kiss" etc etc. All giggly and what not. GAG. Ok, so maybe I am still hating, but it was stupid. After we got our eat and drink on, we went out separate ways.

Benz invited me with him and her, I declined to go with Chad and Jake. Either way I would have felt like a 3rd wheel, but at least I know both Chad and Jake and them being together doesn't rub me the wrong way like it does with him and someone that doesn't deserve him. But I get the feeling that my hating ways will be pressed upon every girl that comes into his life romantically, morphing me into Ducky-ness.

I don't want it to be that way. i just want to be happy with who he chooses. He is a great guy that deserves an amazing girl. I think what makes me mad the most is that I feel like he is selling himself short just to have someone. Ooh well.

So Chad, Jake and I set out for 2 different bars. One was packed tight with hardly any service and the next one was packed just as tight. We stayed, Jake provided me with beers, and proceeded to get sick outside on someone's car and Chad and I continued to dance. LOL Some friends we are. We left shortly after. i called for some booty, but none was delivered. So I went home. Alone. Flied the kite a lil bit and got ready for my birthday's eve.

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