Friday, September 14, 2007

Day Three


I wore dark denim jeans with a beige lacey top and brown vest. I looked cuter than I felt. It was a pretty slow day for me. I didn't really have anything planned, so I went to Brooklyn after work and got my nail fixed, went to the grocery store, then tried to see my niece and nephew but their father wouldn't pick up the phone or answer the door.

So I went to get my mother a money order and I gave the man $40 for a $30 money order and when I saw that change he sat on the counter, it took all that was in me, not to widen my eyes and gape my mouth open.

There, lying on the counter, was $50 some odd dollars. Before he could get a second look, I scooped up the cash, put it in my wallet, wished him a good day, and was out there door with a pep in my step.

All I did that night was go home and cook. Woopty doo. But I guess the highlight was the $50 some odd dollars. Woo hoo!

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