Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dani Week-Day One

Ok, so it is actually Day 3. hehe But you know how I am about my blogging.

Anyway. Day 1 was 9/10, a Monday. I was wearing black shorts, black tank top with a purple and white striped button up and wore point toe black flats.

The day started well, I felt good and energized when I woke up. I was even on time for work. :) Work went by pretty fast and Chad sent me an invite to an event that we later attended that evening. It was bad from the start.

I waited outside in line for 30 minutes before they opened up. I was there for the free drinks and the open bar closed at 8, it was after 7. The line finally started moving by 7:30 and I went in...JUST to find out that the bar wasn't open as of yet.

It was a magazine launch party, so I grabbed the magazine and sat down to go thru it. I always feel awkward and like a self conscious teenager at these events. I don't just all of a sudden hits me and I'm like whoa. Anti-social mode.

The event wasn't great after that. It was open bar for about 30 minutes, then the DJ attempted to play songs and mix like a real dj, but failed miserably. I mean, I really couldn't complain because I got 2 free weak drinks and all I could eat cold appetizers. One of the servers even brought me a plate. I didn't know how I felt about that. o_O

I met the editor and told her I wanted to write for her. She loved it and gave me a card. So, I did get a present on day one. Oooh and let's not forget my brand new business cards that came in. :) It's off to a rocky start of Dani Week, but I have high hopes.

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