Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yeah...and another one.

I complain a lot about my life. From the outside, looking in, I bet it looks charming. I am unattached, young, no kids & basically no responsibilities. What the heck do I ever have to be down about? I wish I knew, so that I could stop it from happening. But since it's going to, I have to figure out how to handle it better--how to cope with it.
I am taking this time right now to say, I am strong. I am stronger than this depression that has been trying to take me hostage for the last couple of years. God has surrounded me lately with some amazing people and those people have helped to rejuvenate my ambition & desire.
I have quite a few ideas for some new ventures as well as some peopel that want to work with me--how effin' cool is that?! Being sought out because of my work makes me feel like I am on the right path. Life is a beautiful thing & it's time to start living like I realize the kind of gift I've been giving.
That's not to say that I won't complain anymore. Lol. come on! I'm human! But I will handle it best I can if/when the sadness returns. I'm about to be 25. No more whining like a baby. It's time to handle eveything like a woman.

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