Friday, September 25, 2009

Whatever happens in Vegas...

It always takes me forver to do pic blogs. Sheesh. Well, I spent my 25th bday is Vegas & here's my trip, told through photos. Enjoy. Oh yeah. on a scale of 1-22, Vegas gets a 16.3. :)
25 & Fabulous!

Another year older & this time sinning the whole Bday through!
How do you get this pouty look in your pics? Say, "Prune!"

See? I said it.

We look so hot on our first night in Vegas.

Gettin' my sexy on in front of this statue. He loves it.

Katrina, following my lead.

Aww, lookie what the manager brought to the table! For me?!?!

Happy Birthday to me!

It was YUMMY too!

I want to have my cake & eat it too.

Ooooh! Our waitress hooked us UP with some free shots!


Debuting the Bday dress at Pure.

Those damn blue suede shoes!

Caesar's...sort of. I have the hardest time taking night time flicks.

I like this pic because I look like I'm glowing. Probably just drunk.

Vegas is magical at night.

Flossin' in the bday dress.

The big Two-Five!

Gamblin' never looked so good!

Why does Vegas always look so fake in pictures?

The Bellagio's lobby was off the chain! I need that ceiling in my apt please?!

More Bellagio lobby. Swanky.

We made friends with this chick Vanessa who had a papa dew azucar that financed her trip to Sin City.

I love this pic. Am I chilling in Rome?! Yes!
The pool at Caesar's just might be my fave.

I really felt like I was in Rome for a hot second.

Although, we were the only splashes of color there.

Tryin' to be a model.

Again with the model attempts. Don't mind my really short & wet dress.

I love this pic of Vanessa.

Loooks like I'm standing in front of a green screen.

The Bellagio's pool was perfection. Too bad they closed at 7pm. WTF?!

The reason we were able to go to the pool at The Bellagio. Thanks sugar daddy of hers!

We were the last ones to leave that pool. Too mad at the 7pm closing time.

Always showing her ass! ;-)

Paris Hotel is so pretty at night.

Me & my bitch

The view from The Bellagio.

I actually have video of this fountain & I'm pretty sure it would have been more entertaining that this uneventful pic.

Me & good ol' Willy Wonka.

Katrina Monorailin'.

How sexy did Katrina look?!

The Wynn was sultry. ;)

I was drunk enough at this point. Didnt really need that lovely frozen drink nor the jello shot. Oh well!

New York, New York!

& I thought NYC was crowded. The NYC hotel smushed all the landmarks we know & love and put them all within a block's radius of one another. Mmm. Home!

Dolphins & shiz.

The scenery at The Mirage. It's very beautiful in there. Mmm artificial nature.

All the glory that is The Palazzo.

There wasn't much to do at Treasure Island. A 12-year-old humor photo in front of the "Wet Zone" warning. Sure! Don't mind if I do.

Mmm, scenery.

I believe we're at The Venetian, playing the role of tourists.

The ceiling in one of those nice, $300 plus/a night hotels. They all look the same after a while.

Tao had these mini tubs filled with rose pedals. Swanky.

They had the nerve to have the smallest pond for gondola rides. Didn't even inquire how much it cost. I'm sure it was much too pricey for the 35 seconds of riding.

Posing in front of Tao. Uhm, the crowd?

Those painful blue shoes. Gotta love/hate 'em!

I'm aware of how amazing my legs look & that my bra is showing. Thanks!

This was near the Paris hotel. It looked so peaceful and foreign at night. I closed my eyes and pretended I was in Europe. Then, someone pushed past me screaming, "wooooo!" & carrying their Eiffel Tower Frozen Margarita. Damn reality!

Planet Hollywood kinda reminds me of Times Square. Ugh. That place.

Go figure! Samuel L. Jackson & I have the same size hands. Hmm.

One of the best buffets ever! I ended up having to go alone, since Katrina left in the wee hours of the morning. I ate so much, I could hardly sightsee in the desert heat after I left.
Ok, those are the pics of Vegas. :) Glad you enjoyed. Now...comment!

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