Friday, January 30, 2009

Writing is My Boyfriend.

When we first started seeing each other, I was about seven. We started out casually. We made poetry, mostly about about bubbles and my childish ideas of love. Then, we dove deeper into each other with journals, where I'd pour out my heart and soul, while confessing all of my sins shamelessly. He listened wholeheartedly and never judged me once. I fell in love with being able to reveal everything about me without flinching.

We progressed throughout middle school with tons of not-so-short stories crammed with teenage angst and--I will admit--a few freak nasty scenes, lol! Don't judge me! I thought I was being so scandalous in 8th grade. Let's be real, other little young thangs were already doing it by then. I was only writing it. He was always patient with me. Never forcing or rushing me into anything.

We matured in high school with a rekindling of poetry, which flourished in college. It was a love affair that was so right for me. We just fit together and writing's love was always unconditional. He always accepted criticism with grace and determination to make himself better. And our love did get better and it grew stronger with editorial styled writing. I found my future within my past and present with writing.

We have been able to grow together and now, we're stronger than ever. It's so exciting that I get to look forward to spending the rest of my life loving to write. I'm so in love.

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JADE*ILLeen said...

a beautiful and perfect relationship really can exist