Thursday, January 22, 2009


My brain is kinda all over today. But...I thought since we are currently 22 days into 2009, I will entertain you with the status of my "resolutions."

  1. Mary Jane-def have slowed it down, but haven't made myself proud yet. Going to attempt smoking only thrice a week.
  2. Fornication-found out it's certainly not a need and it's becoming less of a want. I think I am going to kick fornication's ass.
  3. Libations-I did drink on New Years and have had a few drinks since, but I haven't been "drunk."
  4. Procrastination-I am getting rid of it. I have transcribed 4 interviews thus far this week and have written 3 stories and have conducted 5 interviews this week. If procrastination was around, I would be on interview 2, none transcribed or written. Get it! Get it!
  5. Depression-WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? I have been able to hang on tight to embracing the positivity. I have had a few things happen that would normally put me down for the count, but NO. I won't let it.
So, this is where I stand folks. Don't judge me. One day at a time!

PS. I said nothing about weight loss for 09, but I'm eating better and have to continue to. I am dropping these pounds and getting my healthy on in 09!


Anonymous said...

Ummm ... do you change the name of your blog on a daily basis or what? You have been bloggin a ton lately though, and I think you should be proud of yourself for your progress with your resolutions.

Can I see you this weekend?

mz88keyz said...


mints said...

i was supposed to stop smoking but i
smoked a joint last night...

i just eat rice krispie treats
as opposed to 5 donuts.


can't think of anything that might be.