Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Can't block what you loboe!


mints said...

lol whatchu talmbout?

JADE*ILLeen said...

what is a Turtle Chex??
Beyonce haaaaas to have a secret life... i randomly wonder about it as well...
Imagine she smokes weeed....
and that she has lovers other than jiggaaahhhh,
she's even had an abortion before!
ok, I will stop now.

Rhapsodist said...

MINTS, you know you commented on another blog about you should block me bc i didnt tell you i had a blog lol and therefore i say you can't block what you loboe! ho!

well turtle chex is chex mix, but remixed with chocolate pieces and chocolate chex and caramel chex and peanuts and pretzels and deliciousness. gotta try it! i think you will love it,

omg, im glad that you're with me on the bey thing. *ponders
i think she drinks herbal teas with honey for her voice. you KNOW what kinda herb I mean. lol