Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are you happy now?

My dear sweet lady friend Mintz McGee wanted me to do this, so I am doing this for her and the good of all mankind. Yes, all of them.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Good question. I was 14. I was in the 9th grade at Southern Nash Jr. High School in Spring Hope, NC. LOL So country, I know. Don't judge me! But at that grade, I was trying to impress my "friends"...two of which I am still happily involved with (shout outs to Valerie and Alicia who are now mothers and teachers, respectively). I was in marching band and proud of it. I was taking advanced Math, History and English courses and excelling. Lizzie (my former best friend) was still alive and crazy as ever. I tried black & milds and coughed liked crazy, but continued to puff on them because of peer pressure.

2. List 5 things on today's To Do List

  • Follow up interview with Ursula Stephen (Rihanna's hairstylist)
  • Come up with questions for Latoya Ruby Frazier interview, reschedule interview?
  • Go to post office to get money order for mother/uncle
  • Last juicy party of the year with my bff before his lucky arse goes off to a Mexican Christmas Cruise
  • Love Myself.
3. Snacks I enjoy

Cheese, Pepperoni, Cashews, Turtle Chex and Cheese

4. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire

  • Pay off all debts
  • Help my sister out of her madness
  • Get my momma out the hood and into her dream home
  • Help my immediate family with some much needed extra cash
  • Get stock in Cheese
  • Create my own breast cancer foundation
  • Ask Donald/Oprah/Russell Simmons what to do now?
  • Oh and shopping, durrrr!
5. Places I have lived

  • born in Winston Salem, NC
  • lived in Rocky Mount, NC most of my life
  • when we moved to Elm City, NC...I thought I would die! LOL But it turned out to be a move that shaped who I am today. Learned/grew a lot in that house
  • Greenville, NC for college. Oh man, did this move shape me! LOL College years, what can I say?!
  • Jersey City, first move out of college, closer to my dream. But I hated Jersey ICK.
  • Finally, Harlem! NEW YORK CITY. A place I dreamed of living in for a LONG time and I am here. I guess I need to be a bit more thankful lol
6. People I wish I knew more about

  • Chad, my new bff and someone that I can count on no matter what. I love this boy more and more everyday, but sometimes I feel like I don't know much about him beyond what I already know. Am I one of those friends that always talks about themselves? Yes, but that shouldn't stop him from talking about himself as well.
  • My sister, for the same reason as above. I feel we share a superficial relationship and very rarely do we get into the desires of her heart, mind and spirit. I want to be there for her more and for her to open up to me.
  • Oprah
  • Beyonce. I swear little miss perfection has a secret life and I want to know about it!


mints said...

lol @ smoking black & milds at the age of 14. daniiiiiii! sounds like you have an exciting day ahead of you! i miss you, ho! come to buffalo. :[

Anonymous said...

damn girl, are you blogging again or what? and did you change the name of your blog? i like it.

Rhapsodist said...

sure am bloggin again and yup changed the name up a bit. i kinda dig it lol.