Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Same Sex Dating

I was not at all nervous about my first girl on girl date. Actually, I was completely fine until we sat down at the table. It seemed like a lil friendly get together, until we officially sat down. Then, it became a date. I learned that blind dates are never fun. Even if you see the photo of that person, ask to see more than one and ask to see body shots. Now I know why people who date on the internet are so picky about photos.

She wasn't all that I expected, but not too bad. The date was the most boring I'd ever been on. There was generally no conversation and it seemed no interest in each other. What made me feel a certain way about the whole experience, was the fact that she was almost just like a dude in her actions. I thought the date was just going all around BAD, however, she still wanted to get together and cuddle all up and watch porn, yes porn.

Every date I have ever gone on has been unconventional and that doesn't bother me. It's just weird that after being on an excruciatingly bad date, one would think that we'd be ready to both part ways, mutually. I think she wanted to experiment so bad, she didn't factor in our lack of chemistry.

In all honesty, I didn't mind that much either, because I wanted to experiment too. And experiment I did. I realized that I actually do like girls in the same way that I like boys and I'm ok with that. I blindly though dating girls would be so much better/easier/less stressful, but I see right now that is an assumption and assumption only.

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Muze said...

good luck in your future endeavors.