Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moons Over My Hammy,

Miami was amazing. Evidently summer time is off season for the extremely humid party palace. Who knew? The last thing anyone wants to see upon arriving in their vacation destination...is rain. Unless of course you're vacationing in Seattle. And that was exactly what we had to endure on the way to the hotel---the largest rainstorm ever. BOOO! That's why I left NYC. Damn rain. We decided to suck it up and head to the beach anyway

Notice there are only a few people on the beach. Seems people dont do beaches in the rain, but I thought it was kinda sexy.

The above photo is the view at the effin' bus stop, BTW.

The next day, after a 30 minute bus ride and a $70 cab ride, we ended up in the Everglades. My girl Jen had a free airboat ride set up for us and I was a little nervous. I was thinking we would be on some gigantic boat, powered by a fan, sloshing through the swamp. Well, we were, but it wasn't as gross or scary as I imagined. But it did get a lil scary when the 'gators showed up. The man running the boat kept saying, oh they won't bother us.

Then, kept making the mating call or whatever, to get them to come to the boat. Uhm! I wasn't so sure I was safe.

And what is a trip to Miami without hitting up Mangos? Well this is the site I saw as soon as we walked in. Mmm, strippery goodness. But upstairs was where it was poppin. LOL I hate using that word. But there was tons of good music and good drinks to boot. (A lil pricey though) One of the rainiest days, I stayed inside most of the morning and had a solitary soak in the jacuzzi and that was when I really wished my babe was there. I mean, just look at how romantical this thing looks!

All in all, I give my Miami getaway a 14 on a scale of 1-22. I'll be back though.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beinvenido a Miami!

So, I am literally JUST getting back from Miami and there will be pics to come, but yeah...I'm back. For now. More getaways this weekend though. Which means more pics and more blogs. Try not to miss me too much.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All That I Can Say...

I am sooooo ready to go on the vacay to Miami! I have never been and I need a lil summer wildness in my life. Well, at least before I have to buckle ALL the way down and hit the pavement to get myself another job. I absolutely cannot wait to see what all the fuss is about!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What would you do if your heart could think?

Sometimes I wish my heart could get a brain--get a clue. People make ridiculous decisions when love is involved and I am guilty of that. I'm a woman, therefore very emotional, but I am one of those women that can also think logically. The crazy thing about this mix is I know when I am making a dumbass decison--fully aware, but still ready to jump in first.
Am I some sort of masochist, ready to get my heart ripped from aorta to left ventricle? Or am I one of those hopeless romantics that believes love can truly conquer all? Can love conquer past loves, exes that remain friends, insecurities, outside drama, etc. I'm hoping against all hopes that it can.
My wise ex-intern told me today that love is many things, but real love doesn't hurt, torture, play games, make you paranoid or scared. If there is true mutuality between lovers, there is no need for all those things.
...To be continued...or maybe not.

Monday, June 1, 2009


So I haven't written a personal blog in a minute and that is because I have taken to not sharing all my personal feelings and such because for the first time in....forever...I am being selective with the content of my blog. I am very open with my thoughts, feelings, inner workings of my mind and I love that about myself. But sometimes, everyone doesn't need to be in your biz. But in typing this, I'm thinking...EFF that! It's my blog and I write what I want. If I offend you...oh well. If you're disgusted with what I write about...oh well. If you're stalking me and find something that disturbs you...oh well. It's called freedom of speech and dammit, I love being free.
The recession has given me a quick one two in the jaw. I lost my job on Tuesday and yeah it hurt, but you know what? That was my first position after college. I am taking this as a blessing in some weird disguise. Why? Because I had gotten to a point where I was comfortable. You never want to be comfortable, because the grind halts. My grind was going, but it wasn't strong. My creativity was stifled, constantly worrying about what I needed to get done in my day job, as well a having to wake up in the butt-crack of dawn everyday and having to engage in at least 4 million phoney convos daily.
Now that I am free, I feel like I can focus more on me and where I intend on going in my career. Maybe I don't even want to be where I am right now in my writing. I love entertainment journalism and interviewing celebs and such, but what if I am here because I got lucky and now comfortable? There are so many forms of expression when it comes to writing and I have a lot of talent. So, why not take the time to explore? Maybe travel writing, food writing, playwrighting, poetry, hell...maybe I can beef up the plots in porn? Right now, at my young 24 years...I'm OPEN for exploration.
Bon voyage :) (to myself of course)