Monday, June 1, 2009


So I haven't written a personal blog in a minute and that is because I have taken to not sharing all my personal feelings and such because for the first time in....forever...I am being selective with the content of my blog. I am very open with my thoughts, feelings, inner workings of my mind and I love that about myself. But sometimes, everyone doesn't need to be in your biz. But in typing this, I'm thinking...EFF that! It's my blog and I write what I want. If I offend you...oh well. If you're disgusted with what I write about...oh well. If you're stalking me and find something that disturbs you...oh well. It's called freedom of speech and dammit, I love being free.
The recession has given me a quick one two in the jaw. I lost my job on Tuesday and yeah it hurt, but you know what? That was my first position after college. I am taking this as a blessing in some weird disguise. Why? Because I had gotten to a point where I was comfortable. You never want to be comfortable, because the grind halts. My grind was going, but it wasn't strong. My creativity was stifled, constantly worrying about what I needed to get done in my day job, as well a having to wake up in the butt-crack of dawn everyday and having to engage in at least 4 million phoney convos daily.
Now that I am free, I feel like I can focus more on me and where I intend on going in my career. Maybe I don't even want to be where I am right now in my writing. I love entertainment journalism and interviewing celebs and such, but what if I am here because I got lucky and now comfortable? There are so many forms of expression when it comes to writing and I have a lot of talent. So, why not take the time to explore? Maybe travel writing, food writing, playwrighting, poetry, hell...maybe I can beef up the plots in porn? Right now, at my young 24 years...I'm OPEN for exploration.
Bon voyage :) (to myself of course)


JA said...

how can there be 0 comments on a blog this great. i think you should go with porn. definitely look for your next job in porn.

JA said...

ps. so glad i got your new url. now i can internet stalk you again!