Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What would you do if your heart could think?

Sometimes I wish my heart could get a brain--get a clue. People make ridiculous decisions when love is involved and I am guilty of that. I'm a woman, therefore very emotional, but I am one of those women that can also think logically. The crazy thing about this mix is I know when I am making a dumbass decison--fully aware, but still ready to jump in first.
Am I some sort of masochist, ready to get my heart ripped from aorta to left ventricle? Or am I one of those hopeless romantics that believes love can truly conquer all? Can love conquer past loves, exes that remain friends, insecurities, outside drama, etc. I'm hoping against all hopes that it can.
My wise ex-intern told me today that love is many things, but real love doesn't hurt, torture, play games, make you paranoid or scared. If there is true mutuality between lovers, there is no need for all those things.
...To be continued...or maybe not.

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