Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moons Over My Hammy,

Miami was amazing. Evidently summer time is off season for the extremely humid party palace. Who knew? The last thing anyone wants to see upon arriving in their vacation destination...is rain. Unless of course you're vacationing in Seattle. And that was exactly what we had to endure on the way to the hotel---the largest rainstorm ever. BOOO! That's why I left NYC. Damn rain. We decided to suck it up and head to the beach anyway

Notice there are only a few people on the beach. Seems people dont do beaches in the rain, but I thought it was kinda sexy.

The above photo is the view at the effin' bus stop, BTW.

The next day, after a 30 minute bus ride and a $70 cab ride, we ended up in the Everglades. My girl Jen had a free airboat ride set up for us and I was a little nervous. I was thinking we would be on some gigantic boat, powered by a fan, sloshing through the swamp. Well, we were, but it wasn't as gross or scary as I imagined. But it did get a lil scary when the 'gators showed up. The man running the boat kept saying, oh they won't bother us.

Then, kept making the mating call or whatever, to get them to come to the boat. Uhm! I wasn't so sure I was safe.

And what is a trip to Miami without hitting up Mangos? Well this is the site I saw as soon as we walked in. Mmm, strippery goodness. But upstairs was where it was poppin. LOL I hate using that word. But there was tons of good music and good drinks to boot. (A lil pricey though) One of the rainiest days, I stayed inside most of the morning and had a solitary soak in the jacuzzi and that was when I really wished my babe was there. I mean, just look at how romantical this thing looks!

All in all, I give my Miami getaway a 14 on a scale of 1-22. I'll be back though.

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