Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blood Manor NYC

It's October folks. Already! So you know what that means, break out the sweaters, candy corn, and Halloween costumes! Here in NYC, there are whispered rumors about which Halloween party is going to be the best and what slutty costume is going to be the most seen. Truth be told, we host one of the largest Halloween celebrations that there is--the Halloween Parade in the village--not to mention the various costumes parties from the Bronx the Brooklyn.
One of my favorite parts of Halloween--other than free candy--is haunted houses. I love being scared out of my wits! NYC offers up Blood Manor for those brave enough to walk from one spooky scene to the next. A week or so ago, Blood Manor hosted their preview night--a chance for the media to get a taste of their ghoulish maze. Of course yours truly couldn't pass that up. I was also allowed to take pics, so enjoy. Don't be scared!
The goblins outside Blood Manor were allowed to heckle & heckle they did.

This was the first site upon enterting Blood Manor. I love when bloody people get in my face & scream at me.

Aww, marriage!

She was not happy about us being there. Love the hair color though! ;)

I don't really remember this guy. I was just trying to snap pics without getting harassed too much.

Not only did he not give a rat's ass about his makeup, but he actually wanted to pose for this pic. Smh.

Some crazy Dr. action going on here. Some of the rooms in the house were actually designed by some of the same designers as the Saw series. It showed!

Careful! Mary's off her meds!!!

So is this guy! Look at the commitment to his role in this pic!

This pig chick really looks like some spooky shiz from Saw. This room had countless bloody pigs hanging from the ceiling. I could hardly get out of there.

This scary reptilian lady was whipping snakes & screaming...

See, screaming & all up in my face. They aren't allowed to touch, but...

She for sure whipped my BFF with a snake. Look at his welt!

Now this little guy wasn't even scary. Not because he was little, but because of the lame stuff he'd yell on the megaphone. "Hey baby!" --uhmm, I'm supposed to be scared, right?

She was shouting out obscene sexual favors & requests. Dirty broad! This is actually a fierce picture of her zombie ass!

Who doesn't want to see an undead cross dressing stripper? Work that pole!

Don't really remember him, but I didn't want him near me.

I don't know how I got this shot, but I thought it was hilarious.

Sometimes they'd get sooooo close!

Freddy's always been someone I try to avoid. Ugh, he's my biggest nightmare.

These people just kept shouting at us. I don't know what this room was about, but I didn't like it one bit.

See how close they come? They aren't allowed to touch, but they can get just close enough.

Some type of bondage situation. I didn't stay long enough to find out.

...And that was because of this guy.

This bloody mess kept touching me with his instrument & I couldn't really do anything about it because there was something scary crawling around on the floor & I was scared to run.

So things got a little brighter with this guy, but that didn't mean it wasn't equally as scary. He's the guy that handed out the 3-D glasses. Yes, Blood Manor went 3D on us.

I wish my camera took 3D pics. The way they did the paint made it super scary & fun.

She thought so too.

She played a fun game with everyone that came through her hallway. Yeah...lots of fun. o_O

My BFF posing with one of the ghouls.

Another surprise around the corner. I don't like it when they do that in the hallways. I'm trying to mosey from room to room & BAM...up runs this crazy clown.

More hallway creepers. Remember we had on 3D glasses. So we could see her face coming towards us, but not her body. That was a great effect!

Ok, it's almost over. This clown just collected glasses & directed us into the next room. But we were hestitant because it was wayyyy to calm & quiet in the other room.

We convinced the people behind us to go in with us & lo & behold--a chainsaw comes out. I never screamed so loud!

That was the end of Blood Manor and in my opinion, it's worth the walk to 11th avenue. Blood Manor is located inside the M2 Lounge at 542 West 27th Street (btw 10th & 11th avenues). It is open now on Sundays-Thursdays from 7:30-12:00 am, Fridays & Saturdays 7:30-2:00 am, Tuesday Oct 27th-Thursday Oct 29th 7:30-1 am until November 7th. So even if you don't make it before Halloween, you have some time after. Tickets are $25 & up. Make sure you check out for more info!

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