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Black Girls ROCK!

Last Saturday, I was blessed enough to cover AND attend the Fourth Annual Black Girls Rock Awards. I covered last year for & this year, I'd like to think I took a step up, covering for NY Daily News. I am not new to covering red carpets, but every situation is unique. Most times, there's hardly enough time to think, much less snap your own personal pics--but I managed to snap a few during the carpet & I took some during the actual ceremony.
Here's a cute moment I caught. Raven-Symone & Janelle Monae trying to snap a shot for Twitter, maybe? Janelle hasn't tweeted in weeks (edit: Janelle is back to tweeting) & I've never looked for Raven there.

I couldn't get enough of Janelle. She's so lovely in this candid shot with (stylist) June Ambrose & DJ Beverly Bond (creator of BGR).

Here's a better shot of DJ Beverly Bond. She's so beautiful inside & out!

June Ambrose loved me & I loved her right back! She's got great energy!

Janelle was so great with the press. She took time to speak with all of us. We appreciate that Janelle!

I've interviewed Anthony Hamilton before & he actually remembered me. Those are the moments that make me happy :) & yes, he is that little.

Time completely went on lunch break when this woman walked through the door. Dr. Sonia Sanchez is one of my many heroes!

Which is why I had my new-found friend snap some pics while I interviewed her. I needed to be able to go back to this moment over & over again!

She told me that I looked "jazzy" & kept calling me, "my young sista." I've been pretty blessed during my career thus far, but this is one of my defining moments, for sure! She was so loving! I told her that I wanted to keep in touch & she gave me her physical address. I thought that was so cute. She also doesn't live too far from me. I feel a new mentor coming on!

Me & the VERY sexy Columbus Short--who showed up saucy. I sniffed & asked him was her drunk. He asked if I could tell. I said, not really. Not as much as I can smell it. I should have took advantage of him! :-P

Sound the trumpets! Naomi Campbell's in the building! I was sad that I didn't get an interview with her, but what do you expect from the cell phone chucking model?

I figured I should share the entire glimpse of Naomi that I experienced.

Of course Naomi arrived as the show was starting. This dancer opened it up for us.

She was incredible!

She definitely got everyone in the right mood to celebrate black women that rock!

The hosts--Regina King & Tracee Ellis Ross were awesome together! Regina usually hosts alone. but this year Tracee joined her--adding all kinds of comedic gold.

Dr. Mehret Mandefro--a White House Fellow & creator or TruthAIDS was honored with the first award--Community Service. She's such an inspiration. Check more of her story out here.

Here's Regina & Tracee (out of the frame) doing the Naomi Campbell walk, preparing to welcome her to the stage. Work Regina!

Bethann Hardison, former model, Naomi's manager & Dwyane Wayne's(Kadeem Hardison) momma introduced Naomi.

Here's Naomi giving her speech. I still don't think of her as human.

More Naomi.

This was after she tossed her phone into the crowd. KIDDING! Or am I?

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is DJ Spinderella! She was awarded the DJ Jazzy Joyce award, in which DJ Jazzy Joyce & DJ Cocoa Chanel were there to give it to her.

Imagine my surprise when my mentor was invited on stage with this entertainment lawyer dude who I can't remember to save my life right now...

They presented the AMAZING Iyanla Vanzant with the Shot Caller award.

Iyanla gave a core-shaking speech about how when she was pregnant with her son at 16 years old, living in the projects, on welfare--that she was considered a menace to society. She sure showed all her her doubters. You never know your purpose in life, if you don't work towards SOMETHING.

Melanie Fiona performed & completely rocked the crowd. This girl can BLOW!

And she's real easy on the eyes :)

Janelle Monae was then brought on stage & gave one of the best speeches ever! She spoke about children in Africa that don't have the option of making their dreams come true & what she plans on doing to help.

The, lil Anthony Hamilton was given with the Soul Brother award. He's a bit of an underdog in the industry & it's unfortunate because he's one of the most talented vocalists we have!

A shy DJ Beverly Bond gives thanks to everyone involved with the success of her event & introduces girls from her program.

The girls sing & spit some poetry. I wish I was this amazing when I was 15! (some of them a lil younger/older)

This girl right here is going to be a poetic force to be reckoned with, if she isn't already.

This one was dressed way too grown for her age, but when she spoke--it didn't matter. Ok, so yeah it did. She's too big for her britches! LOL

Here's Jackie Reid, introducing...

Raven-Symone--who was honored as Young, Gifted & Black. She deserves it! Her physical comedy is unmatched by any other black woman of our generation.

Then, Dr. Sonia Sanchez took the stage & no one cared that her speech was by far the longest. We just wanted to hang on to her every word!

She's got such a beautiful spirit of freedom. You could learn a lifetime of information from her in one conversation.

I kept thinking the man sitting in front of me was Doug E. Fresh, but then I was like, why would be he sitting here?

Well, it was him & it was his job to introduce Queen Latifah so that she could receive her Rock Star award.

Instead, he ROCKED the crowd with all those songs that make you go, "oooooooh!" from the 70's to the present. No one rocks a mic like Doug E. Fresh!

Queen came out giving props to Doug E. because that was the "best introduction" she's ever had!

Her speech brought tears. She touched on the issue of protecting our young girls from molestations & things of that nature & showing them that they can be more than what society things that can be.

She was absolutely GLOWING!

Next up--Catherine Malandrino & Andre Harrell honoring Mary J. Blige with the Icon award.

Even though Mary dissed the press, there is no doubt that she deserves this award!

She also reiterated Queen's speech & said that Janelle Monae is exactly the type of person she wants to turn the industry over to when she leaves it.
To end the show, Janelle takes the stage. She was the night's sweetheart.

She gives us a James Brown-esque acoustic performance of "Sincerely Jane."

Good call Diddy. This girl is the future of REAL music.

And with that, she show was over & what a show it was. Let's hope next year I'm covering for an even bigger publication!

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