Friday, May 8, 2009

Late much? Here's some PR Pics!

So, I finally got some pics of PR and for some reason, they are super tiny and when I make them bigger, super pixelated. :( Boo! Oh well, you can get the jist of it. Enjoy.
Airporting it.

On the streets of Old San Juan.

Looking fierce in the lookout tower.

Group shot.

Jake and Chad looking too happy!

I could get used to a view like this.

I've never seen water so blue.

What a view!!!

Underground Railroad?

Working the fort, as usual.

Historical Puerto Rican Shiz.

Welcome to Old San Juan!


I love it!

Tonya is working her Sports Illustrated Cover!

Merman Jake is killing this pic!

Following Jake's lead.

Time for a photo shoot, or what?

Lovin' this pic of my boy!Heading out in San Juan. HOLA!

Keeping it flirty in the pool with my BFF. Flotation devices?

There's my boy. Don't let the smirk fool you, them rocks HURT!

Almost like a postcard.

If you're not jealous, you should be.

Just casually walking and posing on the beach.

Even though Jake is sleepy, we're headed out!

Our View from the Balcony.

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I miss you sweets!