Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He Said/She Said

As I was transcribing an interview I did last week with General Steele (half of Smif N Wessun), he started saying some cool things about me. He doesn't know me personally, so these were just general things about me being a writer. I loved what he said, so I felt like sharing. There are moments that happen like these often in interviews and from now on, I think I should share. So, there will be more self indulgent quotes from celebs I interview soon to come. Don't judge me! Love me.

You're a boss in this hip hop thing. You're a writer. You get the information out to people that would never know about things otherwise. You have the inside edition. I couldn't imagine how many people you speak to in regards to doing what you're doing. Keep doing your thing, ma.

-General Steele

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