Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Christmas Time in the Country

I went home for Christmas, neice, nephew & sister in tow. We had an incredible time with our little country family. Christmas has definitely lost its luster as the years have gone by. I remember the excitement in going to bed on Christmas eve, not being able to sleep knowing your new favorite toys were under the tree, but trying your best to sleep because you never wanted Santa to catch you peeking. All of those butterflies faded just as quickly as my belief in Santa, the older I got.
I've always tried to hold on to the mysticism of Christmas, but truth be told, it's for children. People forget the "real meaning," and to be quite honest, so have I. Although, I did drown deep in the feelings of being surrounded by family. If you know anything about my family, that's a job within itself. Everyone was on their best behavior though, so we all enjoyed ourselves. What a relief! Here are some of the photos I snapped!
Christmas Eve--my sister Dawndria's frying up some sweet potato jacks. They were soooo good!

Here's mom making another batch of the sweet potato jacks. Yes, she makes her own dough & yes she makes a huge mess everytime!

Meanwhile, all the kids were in the living room, raising hell!

Oh & my mom surprised me with one of my favorite foods--RIBS! Usually we starve our way through Christmas Eve, cooking. This time, she provided a little snack. :-) YUM!

My sis tearing her ribs UP!

Along with cake comes frosting. Makayla & Denayah are fighting over the frosting container. haha! I was never a frosting girl, I liked licking the cake batter from the spoon & bowl when I was little.

They were so happy to be done with the cooking!

As soon as I finished icing the Milky Way cake, I had to finish stuffing stockings & wrapping presents. What a long night!

Pausing from wrapping to take a pic with Dawndria. We're smiling so dang bright LOL!

I loved this pic of Baby Steph. How cute is this boy?!

Finally finished wrapping!

Christmas morning breakfast. Yes, that's a Pepsi on the table. Momma raised us on that. SMH

Momma's opening her Temptation Christmas album. She lost it some years ago & was so delighted to have it back.

Oh & the money had her tickled PINK!

The kids FINALLY opened their gifts.

My neice Azariah got mostly boys toys--that's just her.

Kayla didn't look too happy about her doll. She'd better be, it was from me!

Baby Steph opened his big wheel & promptly climbed on the box. LOL

We finally got to meet Damien Jr., my brother's (who passed away) only son. This was an incredible moment for our family.

Most of momma's grandkids.

Dawndria & Damien look the same age. She's 27 & he's 11. LOL She's so tiny!

I'm hugging him so tight! LOL Sorry Damien! I was so happy to see him.

More presents being opened.

Kayla STILL not looking too happy.

RJ's 13, so he's too cool to be happy.

How cute is Jalen in these specs!?

Of course we had to take some time out for dancing. Az & Kayla doing the "Jerk?"

Denayah didn't want to be outshined.

More jerking.

My little mini me posing for the camera, as usual.

Denayah fell in LOVE with Kayla. She wouldn't let her our of her sight.
Ambia (my brother Ben's first child) opening her gifts. FINALLY a happy kid!
Of course we had to go visit Grandma. It was a little too hard to get a good pic with Baby Steph being angry because we wouldnt let him play with all the decorations Grandma had up.

My girl Valerie. We've been friends since the 6th grade! Look at her lil man Tim--so adorable!

Of course JoJo didn't want to be left out. How can you resist a smile like that?!

So cute!


stephanie said...

i agree, christmas isn't what it once was but atleast you made i through!

Nefertiti said...

Quelle belle famille ! ;O)