Monday, August 17, 2009


Yours truly got herself a digi camera. I am no professional, so I'm not caught up in name brands, mega pixels, zooms, resolutions, etc. I just like taking pictures, that's all. Expect more pictures with my blogs, but don't expect photography quality shots. PS Jake took all these!
Jake, Chad & myself decided to take the new cam for a spin at our last Sunday dinner. Here are a few of my sort-of-fave shots.

Yeah, so some of them, you're gonna have to tilt your head. I guess I should learn more about computers & such. LOL But this one is the bestie getting his laugh/drink on because we like to make each other laugh in the midst of drinking. Always makes for extra fun.

We've got a thang for karaoke, so sometimes we go out for it, other times, we stay in for it. This is a little diddy we like to call Charieoke--I think the name is pretty self explanatory.

So, the pics will only improve in time. You know, once I learn more about the camera and what all the silly buttons mean. Oh and when I actually load up the camera's software.

Fin, for now.

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