Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finger Lickin' Good!

By now, I am sure y'all have seen the many marketing and capitalizing ways of Americans with this new Obama craze. Obama's sweeping the nation! Get your Obama plates, underwear, comics, and now, you can get your Obama Fried Chicken! Oh man, why not add Obama's Watermelon Shack or Obama Hair Braiding? Maybe we're just a little too proud of our new President?It's amazing what google image has done for my life. What's more amazing is what pops up when you type in "Obama Fried Chicken." I am actually a big fan of racism. Sue me. I love comedy, especially when it's true. I will admit that I savor everything on that racist Obama buck up there. Mmm ribs and fried chicken, how I miss thee. And to wash that down with some RED Koolaid and watermelon for dessert, mmm mmm mmm!

Either way, now I feel a bit silly for purchasing these suckers. At least I don't get my chicken from Obama's Fried Chicken.

Obama and Michelle earrings. Straight outa Harlem. Money makin' Harlem. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for accessories and well, I love Obama n' Them just like y'all do. Let me support the best way I know how. Bow down to my earrings!
Let the Obamanations roll! Get it? Just in case you don't (abominations) :)

'Tis All.

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Az said...

@ sambo being a tag...
But yea, Obama Fried Chicken most definitely takes it over the top...unless of course the person who owns that store so happens to share the same last name as our beloved president.