Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Fashion Week Virgin.

Last week, I attended my very first fashion show under the Bryant Park Tents. I am not a slave to fashion. Although I love to look flirty, unique and all around sexy--I don't know labels, trends, etc. However, by attending this show, I must say, I can see what the hype is about.

Clothes are exciting. I mean, it's basically one way in which we express ourselves. It's how people see who we are. Clothes are really exciting while a rail thin model prances down the runway to hip music while cameras flash all around. Even though that dripped with sarcasm, I actually meant it seriously. :)

So, at the Academy of Art show, I sat beside B. Michael and across from Nia Long. I couldn't believe it! Yes, your girl was in the front row. I was able to snap a few shots with my phone.

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