Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The First Night of the Rest of My Life.

Last night was one of the most incredible nights of my life. A few weeks ago, I interviewed Terrie Williams and she and I hit it off really well. We exchanged information and kept in touch. She's written for Essence back when Essence was a baby. There was a job at Essence that I wanted and she sent over all my information to personal friends of hers at Essence, including the President!

She also added me to her foundation's PR Committee. I will get to do some administrative tasks for her, as well as be hands on and mentor kids. This is an amazing opportunity for me because not only will I get to meet so many people and learn so many things, but I get to change lives. That's so powerful!

So, back to yesterday being one of the most incredible nights of my life...

Terrie invited me out to a book signing event with her. I was super excited because it was for this author Asha Bandele, who is phenomenal. But when we arrive, I realize that we're at Susan L. Taylor's penthouse! Well I didn't realize that, I just knew that the gorgeous building in front of me wasn't Barnes & Nobel's like I expected.

Upon walking in, we were greeted by many friendly faces, which--after several introductions by Terrie as a "young, talented and gifted writer"--I came to know as prolific writers. Everyone there was someone impressive, someone that could change my future with a push of a button.

StacyAnn Chin
People like StacyAnn Chin who connected with me on poetry. Who also shared her newest book with me and signed it. Who also gave me her email address. Man, I felt so...perfect. Perfect time, place, view, book, interaction. It was all right.

Michaela Angela Davis
Then Michaela Angela Davis waltzes in with a glide that only she can master. I interviewed her at last year's Black Girls Rock. I had no delusions of grandeur thinking she would remember me. So when Terrie went to introduce us, I politely shook her hand and smiled and said my name. She stops and says, "We've met before." I mean looking dead into my eyes, matching my glare. I told her we had and when and where and she goes, "So good to see you again sister." Wow. No words. None.

Then, I met the woman herself. A woman that I have followed since I learned to stalk--professionally, of course. We've also met once before, at Black Girls Rock. Her husband remembered, but she didn't react like she did. But she was still warm with me. Calm. Stunning. Serene. Her energy is insane. She just makes you feel comfortable, instead of like a babbling fool. We spoke briefly about my passion for writing and her incredible, inspiring career.

And just as quickly as the night started, it was over. I took in my surroundings once more--the view, wow. Even the air up there felt different. Penthouse air. I could get used to that. I said goodbye to everyone I met and I was out the door behind my mentor.

After she and I said our goodbyes, I walked to the train in tears. I had to stop, catch my breath and hold myself together, physically. I could feel myself going in about 50 different ways with excitement. I am currently living my dream and I cannot believe how delicious it feels.

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Valerie said...

Now thats a night to remember!