Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TIm Burton at the MOMA

Art is amazing because it's all about perception. Some people manage to think so far out of the box, they leave us all behind in a confused stupor. However, some artists are so in tuned with their imaginations, they take us on a journey with them & we get to see the world through their eyes. Those people to me art true artists. Tim Burton is one of those people. He's managed to have a career in art that goes beyond painting & sculptures. He's mainstream & that's a diffcult feat for most artists. We've seen his work in movies (Beetlejuice, Batman Returns & Pee-wee Big Adventure to name drop some.)

Taking photos at the MOMA isn't illegal, but they didn't allow it in the Tim Burton exhibit, so my iPhone & I had to work around the restriction. I got yelled at a few times by a few self-righteous bouncer types, but I managed to snap a few pics. In case you guys can't make it to the exhibit before it's done, check these out! It'll be going on until April 26, 2010, so you have time! :-)

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Moya2bean said...

im an art junky myself...these pics r amazing!